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Day 7 & 8 - Seoul - Dongdaemun Market & Itaewon

SHOPPING IN SEOUL!! Dongdaemun Market, Itaewon

Hey there, a couple of days have passed since our last update, and we've been busy!! doing a lot of shopping!

Our first stop was the huge shopping district of Dongdaemun Market. It is Seoul's largest mall shopping area, and one of Korea's major shopping area's. It's a huge area, which now has 20 SHOPPING MALLS!!. It specializes in wholesale items, and they have tones of amazing clothes at super cheap prices!...There's a trick though, most of the wholesale stores don't have any change rooms, so you better know your size really well...

The market is separated into two sections, the retail shops and the wholesale shops...



Here we were also able to find a really neat and unique souvenir to take home with us. Both of us purchased a Hanbok, which is the traditional Korean outfit. Luckily we were able to find some ready made ones that fit well, because custom fittings can take up to three weeks to have made. A women's hanbok would cost you around 200.00 CAD.


Dongdaemun market was about all we could handle for one day, seeing as it's 20 times bigger that our average shopping experience, but we sure found some great stuff!...

Our next shopping experience was a little difference. We decided to visit the shopping markets in Itaewon, where it is said you can find some more exotic and custom goods. This shopping area covers a area that is 1.4 kms long. It has a more excentric and vibrant feel to it, and was a nice change from the huge shopping malls of Dongdaemun. There were so many custom shops where you can even submit a personal order!, how cool!


This area was also a good place for us to go, as many of the street vendors speak English, and most of the sign boards were also in English.

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